Des sous noirs pour la cause!

Vous ne savez pas quoi faire avec vos sous noirs, qui bientôt, disparaitrons de votre porte feuille ?
Apportez les à La Maison du Partage d'Youville!

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«It is widely thought that food banks are not a cure-all for hungry families. However, we believe that people who can feed themselves and their families are better equipped to work on improving their lives. This statement comes from actual families having faced this situation. Today, they are able to provide for themselves without our help. » - Madeleine Daoust, Director

Our values

  • Respect for all persons and all life situations
  • Openness toward differences and people’s neeeds
  • Humanity in our appoach to underprivileged families and individuals
  • Dignity for all people, considering their personal autonomy
  • Sharing of resources, knowledge and networks
  • Fairness for every person and family, in any situati